A Green Company


In 2006, Sunfresh Linen became an EcoBiz partner.
This underpinned the company’s commitment to the environment and set our standards from then, till now, and also moving into the future.


In 2006 with the assistance of the initial program, and a $2M investment, the commercial laundry doubled production capacity and reduced its water consumption by 34 million litres each year. This was achieved with the installation of modern and updated equipment from Europe.


  • In 2010 Sunfresh Linen combined 2 sites into a new facility at Darra with further investment of $4.5M in water and energy saving equipment
  • The plant was able to achieve a net reduction of utilities by the installation of extra equipment and streamlining flow.
  • In 2014, an investment of $2.5M was made into full plant water recycling. This was imported from the USA and involves 4 stage recycling of all linen grey water. The final stage is Reverse Osmosis in effect giving the purest water available for processing – in fact much higher quality than town water supply. This is how Sunfresh Linen maintain a premium product of feel and whiteness. The system is on 24hr monitoring and involves 40hrs labour per week in monitoring and maintenance and in effect provides 68% total plant recycling. Our ethos is always to provide a premium product a strict balance of quality and utility usage is always maintained.
  • Further expansion saw installation more equipment in 2013 and 2015 in our washroom and ironing areas, further enhancing labour and utility savings.
  • Currently, we are processing an average of 450,000 kg per week of linen at the Darra Facility. With a total plant utility usage of 4.3lt of Water, 4.2 Mj of Natural Gas and 0.11kW of Electricity per kg of linen produced.