The Sunfresh Story



Sunfresh Linen was founded in 1998 by the George Family who purchased a small, existing laundry in Ipswich, Queensland called ‘Light Industries Laundry’.

Light Industries Laundry had been established since the 1960s, however, at the time was a somewhat rundown and in desperate need of a complete overhaul. Thanks to energised new owners, and the experience of the existing staff, ‘Sunfresh Linen’ was born.


Over the years, through hard work and dedication, the business has grown beyond expectation, and in 2006 the Ipswich factory went through a major equipment upgrade. New sorting, washing and ironing machines were installed to increase overall productivity.

Sunfresh Linen was now a modern facility and ready for the future.


Sunfresh Linen acquired a second factory by 2009. This was a fantastic and challenging opportunity for the company with growth, however, it did present challenges as the operation now spanned over two sites. As a result of this, a decision was made to move both factories to one central site at Darra, Queensland.


This new factory could not only house Sunfresh Linen’s current equipment, it also had the potential to house new, advanced equipment for ongoing future growth and has aided in the success of the company to this day. By March 2010 the Darra factory was fully operational and the old Ipswich sites now decommissioned.


January 2018: UnitingCare Queensland approves Sunfresh Linen’s takeover of Wesley Linen Services. This provides Sunfresh Linen a factory dedicated to servicing the health care laundry market. It also allows Sunfresh Linen to deliver sustainable high-quality health and hospital services for the people it cares for – the patients, customers, community. During this transition Sunfresh Linen understood that the workforce was the most important part of the takeover. Without their skills and know how it would not have been achieved in a seamless manner.


Sunfresh Linen is one of the largest laundry and linen service throughout South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

Areas serviced by Sunfresh Linen include:

Queensland & Northern NSW:  Brisbane / Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast / Northern Rivers / Byron Bay / Ballina / Granite Belt Region / Warwick / Toowoomba.  


Environment and Future

When designing the Darra factory, great consideration was given to water and environmental planning, in order to produce a best practice facility.  State of the art equipment was installed creating a highly efficient eco-friendly plant giving Sunfresh Linen an edge in both production costs and quality, allowing these savings to be passed on.

“Sunfresh Linen offers a total management solution to all it’s customers, providing peace of mind and knowledge that all their linen and laundry needs can be met by the one linen service, which still has the feel and contact of a family business.

~ Sunfresh Linen