Sunfresh Healthcare Linen

Sunfresh’s company goal of becoming the most customer-driven healthcare linen provider is as important today, as it ever was.

Today, Sunfresh Linen is delivering customised service plans and top quality textiles across the spectrum of linen supply in the healthcare sector.

In today’s world, healthcare is delivered through a range of providers, each with its own specific protocols and product requirements parameters.

Driven by evolving provider service models, and the necessity for integrated patient care, traditional channels are overlapping. Health Systems and Integrated Delivery Networks are following the patient to encompass all care points from initial office visits, through in and outpatient surgeries, all the way through to rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, hospices or home-care.

Sunfresh Linen’s unique service model has long been responding to this care evolution.

Sunfresh Linen has grown both its range of products and teams with market specific expertise to provide providers and patients with textiles products and consultative resources irrespective of which facet of patient care they are delivering.

Sunfresh Linen has an infrastructure that leverages commonalities while assuring in depth channel specific, experienced teams. Our operating model focuses on solving the unique supply chain demands of each customer and, via a culture of communication and operating flexibility, draws from the entire Sunfresh Linen organisation to deliver a customized solution.

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Healthcare Linen
Healthcare Linen