Sunfresh Linen Quality

Focus on Efficiency…

Sunfresh Linen begins with a complete and thorough assessment of all linen and laundry cycles and systems.

The implementation of an extensive quality procedure that includes internal audits and staff training maintains Sunfresh as a leading hand in quality throughout the laundry industry. Sorting, loading procedures, linen distribution, washroom operations and equipment specifications are monitored and revised to ensure an efficient quality process.


All washing processes and procedures are aligned with Australian standards and are continuously monitored, to ensure the best possible result.

The Sunfresh operation boasts state of the art equipment, imported from the USA and Europe abreast of the latest technological advancements. This ensures accurate chemicals, water dosage levels and all the other elements that affect the cycle for an exceptional and precise wash.

Quality Results…

Sunfresh Linen is results driven. Highest quality linen and dedicated service promises an outstanding laundry system that can accommodate the change and pace of each and every establishment, anticipating the dynamics of various industries.

Sunfresh strives to meet the needs of their customers with efficient and reliable performance, a dependable quality product and flexible contract arrangements.



Sunfresh Linen provides complete and comprehensive quality of services and products.